Everlastings Salon - Guilford, CTEverlastings by Arlene Bouley offers a full range of beauty services including color, highlights, haircuts, natural body waving, bridal up-dos and special occasion styling. Her passion, dedication and commitment to each of her clients’ particular needs ensure that you will leave satisfied and coming back for more…

Bouley is a State Board Certified Master Colorist and Hair Stylist. Her qualifications include over 30 years in the beauty industry with 20 years experience as a Hair Color Master specializing in the artistic hair services including beautiful organic color, custom-designed precision hair cuts and organic texture services specializing in razor cuts.

She is committed to providing you with an Everlasting salon experience like no other. You can expect nothing less than a highly-trained artist, impeccable customer service and the healthiest organic products. To ensure that your personal experience is comfortable and safe, all products used are pH balanced and contain NO ammonia or harsh ammonia substitutes, NO parabens, NO plastics, NO sulfates, NO animal products and is NOT tested on animals. So pure, you can actually drink them!


Arlene’s Journey

Shoreline Times
By: Barbra Douglas

Being beautiful is hard work, but cosmetologist and Guilford business owner Arlene Bouley wants women to know that the pursuit of beauty is also a budding health risk. Bouley opened Everlastings Organic Salon & Spa, a “clean air” hair and beauty salon with the twofold mission of educating women about toxic chemicals in their personal care products, and providing hair and skin services that are expressly organic, holistic and toxin-free.

Bouley, a cancer survivor, traces her struggle with lymphoma back to the 25 years she spent as a hair colorist in what she calls a “toxic” salon where she came into daily contact with known carcinogens like 4-ABP, which in FDA studies was found in black, red and blonde hair dyes. She came to believe that acquiring the disease was largely due to toxicity in her work environment. Additionally, she incurred lung damage from her particular chemotherapy treatment and found that she could no longer physically tolerate working in a traditional salon environment, hence her foray into organic products and services.

“I’d worked in a toxic environment for over 25 years. When I came to Connecticut, I had to start all over,” Bouley said. “I was cancer-free and wanted to stay that way. I was determined to no longer work with harsh chemicals.

Bouley’s clients are interested in holistic and healthy approaches to grooming rather than piling cancer risks on themselves, she said. To that end, she sells and uses products, like shampoo and hair spray, that are carcinogen-free, as well as those that won’t aggravate allergies or respiratory problems.

And indeed the atmosphere at Everlastings is like a typical beauty salon’s parallel universe, where, rather than being slammed by caustic chemical vapors, there is the soothing fragrance of natural, essential oils; instead of the pounding beat of pop music, there is blessed silence; and a soft and simple interior replaces overdone, trendy décor.

“My clients say they never thought a salon experience could be so pleasant,” Bouley said. “That just makes my day. I make sure they not only have a toxic-free environment but a restful and relaxing one to enjoy.”pic


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A one-of-a-kind organic salon!

I can’t recommend this salon enough! the owner and lead hair stylist, Arlene Bouley, is exceptional at her craft. Not only does she make you look great and feel good about yourself, but she also surrounds each client with a peaceful, chemical-free atmosphere. She makes you feel at home offering teas and treats, and teaches you about the harming effects of chemicals.  I look forward to my time there every 6 weeks. It’s definitely worth a visit!! -Dana