Dr. Hauschka Facial Treatments

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At the heart of all Dr.Hauschka Holistic Treatments is the lymphatic stimulation, performed by our  Esthetician using fine brushes and gentle hand movements. This stimulates the fluid processes in the tissues and promotes regeneration and health. It purifies and detoxifies the body, leaving you with a feeling of complete wellbeing, lightness and an inner balance.


Lavandula officinalis- Lavander; Lavandula officinalis- Lavendel

  • What is Dr. Hauschka?

This all natural plant based skincare line transforms dull, lifeless skin into beautiful, radiant skin you will be proud of.   The goal of this skincare line is to bring balance to the skin.  These products help to bring your skin back to the natural ph of skin resulting in a “normal” skin type.  Your skin will feel dramatically different after just one treatment

Why are these treatments so different?

Instead of the typical facial massage, clients receive lymph stimulation with hand manipulations and soft bristle brushes.  These movements encourage the lymph fluid to drain resulting in the appearance in healthy glowing skin.

Dr. Hauschka classic treatment: (2hrs): $150

The Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment addresses complex skin conditions. It works with your Solidago virgaurea - Goldenrod; Solidago virgaurea - Goldrutenatural rhythms – your breathing, your heart beat-reconnecting you to yourself. By affecting the entire body’s health, this special treatment strengthens the immune system and encourages the skin to find its way back to a balanced condition.

The treatment begins with a warm, sage footbath, designed to calm the mind and bring you to a restful state. Essential to the healing process, the body is warmed. Our esthetician prepares the face for cleansing with Lavender-infused compresses. A facial steam bath and clay mask remove impurities and gently exfoliate the skin. Gentle hands and soft brushes glide across the face, stimulating the movement of the lymph system.

The Finale – a healthy glow and a restored sense of well being. Treatment frequency depends on your skin care needs and your overall health. Our esthetician personalizes a plan that will be the most beneficial to you.

 Shorter versions of the classic treatment are available and can be customized to your specific skin type.

1 1/2 hr: $125

1 hr: $100

30 min: $75

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