“Arlene was very generous with her time when I met with her for a complimentary consultation. She was genuinely interested in my concerns about the natural hair color I had been using and making the change to organic. Her thoughts were presented professionally and with great knowledge, care and kindness.

I decided to make an appointment for a cut and color. When I asked about looking at a color chart, Arlene said, “I have your color. ” Believe me, after 30 years of doing this, I’ll make sure the color is right” Arlene intuitively selected a great, natural hair color for me, perfect.

I was also very impressed with the staff, a true test of business practice. The receptionist, Amy and assistant Sarah were both professional, knowlegeable and genuinely caring. Awesome!”

 -Cathy Granucci


“A truly organic salon is very difficult to find. I have traveled distances up to 4 hours to have my hair colored, cut and styled in a pure environment. I was overjoyed to see an add in Natural Awakenings for Arlene Bouley’s salon, Everlastings. From the moment I spoke with Arlene on the phone, I knew this was going to be my new organic salon.

Arlene has a genuine love for taking care of people. It’s not just about the hair with Arlene. She has a passion for clean and natural living. The moment you walk into her salon there is an immediate calming affect. Beautiful music , scents of pure essential oils and sweet, cheerful welcoming smiles greet you as you walk through the door. This spa is very unique because it is truly an organic paradise!

If you are looking for the most beautiful natural color (that covers all of your grays), a superb individualized haircut and serene pampering, Everlastings is the perfect salon for you!”

 -Karen Doherty


“I recently experienced the nurturing treatment of Arlene Brouley at her Everlastings Salon in Guilford. I was greeted warmly and treated with care from the moment I arrived. The atmosphere is lovely without the usual chemical smells of unhealthy products and hair spray. Instead, essential oils are therapeutically diffused and calming music fills the air.

After a caring consultation, Arlene took wonderful care of me. I enjoyed my visit entirely and will be back soon for other services provided at the salon. It’s important to realize how unhealthy beauty products can be. Arlene has done her homework and offers only organic products that nourish rather than harm the skin and hair. Everlastings is the way a salon should be. I’m so glad I found it and will be a loyal customer in the future.”

 -Leslie Wolf, Moodus, CT.


Arlene Bouley is a true professional who cares deeply about what she does. Not only does she use a line of beauty products that is of the utmost qualityand purity, but she delivers them with a masterful hand and uncanny instinct.Being a client of Arlene has improved my life through healthy products, a serenepampering experience and, above all, a feeling of total trust in an expert who ispassionate about and dedicated to what she does.”

-Marla Kosenski


“After just one visit to Everlastings, my hair actually felt like HAIR! (not like straw). To be honest, I didn’t think organic hair color could possibly cover my gray AND give me vibrant, dimensional color…but I was wrong.

After my first visit, I was convinced- my scalp didn’t burn during my color treatment (I always just tolerated that because I thought it was the ONLY way) and my hair felt HEALTHIER and THICKER too. I added Everlasting’s organic shampoo and conditioners to my daily routine, and my hair keeps getting better and better. In my mid-forties, I am thrilled to find out that my ‘thinning” hair was just due to the over-processing of commercial hair color treatments. Arlene truly listens to you and gives you just what you ask for. What else could want?”

Dana Townsend


“Arlene Bouley, master hair designer, at Everlastings is exceptionally talented at what she does! While visiting family in CT, i went to Arlene for a haircut and loved the outcome. She was the first hair designer that cut my hair in a way that doesnt require fussing and a blow dryer to make it look good. Living in Vermont and having my favorite hair designer in CT requires a lot of effort, but is worth it!”

-Sarah Knightly


“Two years ago I was blessed to stumble upon an article in the local paper about a new organic salon. It has now become my favorite place to relax and rejuvenate in the company of friends. Arlene is a true artist whose passion is evident in every suggestion she has for changing up my do, and every time I follow her advice, it works brilliantly! Her haircuts are so beautiful that they have inspired me to take more interest in everything else about my appearance… Since I started going to Everlastings, I have updated my wardrobe, started wearing more jewelry, and lost weight. And I continue to get compliments on my hair, both from friends and complete strangers! But best of all, I feel good about the products I am putting into my hair – they are good for me, for Arlene, and for the environment.”

 -Candice LaConti


“I started going to Everlastings when I started having a bad reaction to the chemicals at my old salon. My gut instinct told me it was time to make a change to a chemical free environment. I am so happy I did! Not only does my hair feel so much healthier, but Arlene gave me a whole new hairstyle that I just love. The entire staff is warm and friendly. A great find!”

– Joanne B


“I have been searching for a hair salon, dedicated to a philosophy that supports health and looking & feeling good naturally – in keeping with my own values. An Organic Salon sign and a photo/article in a magazine, that I picked up at the natural foods market, led me to Everlastings. It’s creator and owner, Arlene, says, “You were supposed to find us.” What I found was: a lovely oasis where I experienced a welcoming stream of positive support and experienced, personalized care; the touch of the master’s hand with the cut & color Arlene gave me; and a much appreciated respite and renewal for body, mind, & spirit. I am looking forward to returning and to enjoying some of the many spa offerings at this unique and very special salon.”

Karen Perrella


“I so am so glad to have found Arlene and her salon. I was using organic beauty products, but still going to a traditional salon. Being at Everlastings is like going to a special spa – between the wonderful people there, the atmosphere and the lovely music they play. From my first visit, they made me so at home. It is a beautiful and relaxing place to be. Arlene, Sandy and Amy are great and give special care and attention. I travel about an hour to get there, but it is well worth it!”

Carol Miller


“There is an immediate calming effect upon entering this unique salon. The colors envelop you, they are warm and comforting, inspired by the owner Arlene. What you won’t experience is the harsh smell of chemicals in this spa like atmosphere because this is truly an all natural product zone. The results – fabulous – each and every time.

– Lori Christian


“Dear Arlene and Staff,

I just wanted to say that after much searching and prayer about my hair loss and what to do about it, coming to your salon has given me hope. It was truly an answer to prayer! Thank you Arlene for truly caring and giving your all to help me. Your staff also was wonderful. All of you really do pour yourselves into those who are sent your way. I came for a consultation and left with a renewed hope. I also love the hair color and haircut that I thought I would never get. I honestly thought I would never be able to change my hairstyle due to my thinning hair, but you have helped me break free and have renewed my hope that I can do something about the hair loss. I feel like a new person and am so thankful for all you have done for me.”


Linda Gilmore


“I love my new haircut and highlights and have received many compliments. With short hair, I’ve always felt that I could pretty much go anywhere since my hair is relatively easy. However, I learned just how wrong I was once I let Arlene work her magic! What a huge difference. This is the best cut I’ve had in years. It falls correctly, is easy to keep up with and looks the way it should every day. And to top it off, time spent at Everlastings is a treat. The energy is wonderful, the people are amazing, and you end up just wanting to hang out for a while. Thank you ladies!”

-Barb Doyle 


“After several years of searching for a quality salon on the shoreline,

I have finally found the perfect one. Sandy has transformed my dry, dull and brittle hair into soft, shiny healthy locks.

Everlastings is not your ordinary salon. It is a beautiful, calm relaxing spa type experience. The products are organic and actually work without causing the burning scalp and respiratory allergies that the typical traditional hair products cause. The products are actually good for your hair.

The hospitality at Everlastings is far superior to any other salon that I have experienced. I can’t say enough about Everlastings… Words do not do it justice. You must experience it to understand it.”

Mary Colella, Guilford


“I loved every minute of my visit to Everlastings. It started with the aromatherapy scented air and the low key background music at just the right volume. The salon is serene,sunbathed and beautiful. This is a place to go and unwind.

Have you ever gone to a very good restaurant where every staff person is nicer than the previous? That sums up the quality and the focus on client care of this salon.

All these words and I have not begun to talk about my appointment and how outstandingly happy I was with the results! I was making a huge change and was nervous, but have not had one moment’s regret…and the compliments just keep on coming!

Arlene applied organic makeup and I swooped that up too.

I also recommend her boutique for gifts. The clothing and jewelry had a global appeal and I bought 3 change of season sale items of clothing for my daughter that had her dancing around regretting that summer is over.

Sigh…what a wonderful time. Next time, a facial!”



“For a long time I had been searching for a true, organic care salon and knew I’d found ‘the real thing’ the day I walked in to Everlasting Salon and met the owner and master hair care specialist, Arlene Bouley. I came in for a consultation and walked out with a new, beautiful designed haircut and color; all of it done with products Arlene has created herself or found, that are healthy and do not compromise the health of her patrons.

Anyone meeting Arlene Bouley will know that they have not only met an extraordinary hair colorist and stylist, but they have also met a woman who genuinely cares about sharing her knowledge and understanding that there is a healthy and safe way to take care of your hair and body that does not require the use of questionable, carcinogenic chemicals.”

Alice S 


“I found Everlastings during a search for a place that believes beauty products don’t need to be full of dangerous chemicals to be effective.

I had triple negative breast cancer, therefore must be extremely careful not to use anything on my skin that has the potential of becoming estrogen in my body. This day spa uses only organic products for every service they offer.

Arlene has brought together talented, warm women who share a passion and knowledge of healthy beauty pampering, but it’s also the space itself that is part of the experience. It invites you to come in, take a seat and chat with old friends; as if Arlene has opened her home where she just happened to place some salon chairs & a few quiet back rooms for body treatments and massage. You walk in to see Amy’s beautiful smile, receive warm greetings by name (even after only being there once), grab a cup of tea or cucumber water and relax!!

I see Karla regularly for massage. She has been instrumental in helping me bring a chronic back pain issue under control.

I highly recommend you come and experience Everlastings yourself!”

-A Fan! 


“Wanted to say thank you to Amy. She was very polite, upbeat and helpful. It is so great when the very nature of Organic come through not only in the products but in the people as well. Look forward to my appointment.”

Lisa K 


“I love “Everlastings Organic Salon and Spa”! Ive been going there for a long time and it’s an incredible atmosphere! My hair has never looked better! I just had an organic perm and I love it! The owner Arlene and her staff make sure you have a great experience!”

-Kathy M 


“Finally …. I have found the place where I can feel secure in getting my hair done !! First of all the hairstylist, Sandy, did the color I wanted perfectly;matching the picture I brought in ! Second I asked her to fix my haircut which was done carelessly from another salon that I unfortunately went to. I love having long hair and my hair is so thick that I need it cut a certain way so it will look healthy. Well the stylist from another salon cut step layering into it which made it look thicker & terrible.

Thankfully Sandy was able to fix the damage while keeping it as long as she could. And lastly I really appreciate how Arlene makes & sells organic hair products! I bought & love her Shampoo & Conditioner, which she made to hold hair color better while using only healthy ingredients, & her texture cream which helps to smooth my naturally frizzy hair.

I am truly grateful to have found a salon that is skillful, cares about the concerns of their clients, doesn’t use toxic ingredients & can help me to let my hair grow long,beautiful & healthy!”

-Susan M 


“Love this salon my hair has been much healthier and shiner no chemicals Arlene and her staff are great You walk in and are greeted by Amy she is warm and bubbly & makes you feel like family !!!!!! Arlene and her staff make you feel right at home !!!!!!!! They also offer many other services massages facials pedi and manis and a great little boutique if you want a different approach to healthier hair and everything organic I would highly recommend this salon !!!!!!!!!!!”

-Dawn R  


“Love love love my haircut and the color is so me. got lots of compliments.”


-Kate T 


Everlastings Team,

“Thank you for all your wonderful creativity and support. It helped so much to make Beth’s wedding truly special”

-Sharron J   


“This place is fabulous. I actually lived in New York for two years and would travel to get my hair done. From Amy, who greets you like a rockstar, to the crazy great cuts from Arlene and color from Sandy, I always leave feeling refreshed and look amazing. Plus I love the fact that everything is organic.”

-Caitlin S 


“Everlastings day spa has a by women for women feeling to it, though men are certainly welcome. They take the concept of “organic” seriously and on multiple levels, from the quality chemical free products that they use to the idea of each of us and each part of us forming an integral part of a whole (a whole person, a whole community, a whole society, a whole universe). It is this global concept that you feel when arriving at Everlastings and in the genuineness of each staff member’s interaction with each client.

There is plenty of luxury at Everlastings with none of the stuffiness. This is not a Beverly Hills salon where each staff member looks like a movie star and intimidates a person with cold detachment. On the contrary, the human warmth you will feel at Everlastings is very much what makes it special. The proprietor, Arlene, has clearly created a an environment and staffed it in a way which beautifully compliments her vision. Every service provider with whom I have interacted has been wonderful, including Karla and Sandy. Karla’s massages, in particular, are an experience that one fortunate enough to receive one will wonder how s/he ever lived without. Highly recommended.”

—Jackie H 


“I come to Everlastings & enjoy a mini vacation from the stresses of the modern world. I love the natural products they use. All the staff are welcoming & nurturing”

– Linda M 


“Every time I come to Everlastings the experience I have is very relaxing from the moment I walk through the door. The staff are very kind and friendly. I always leave feeling positive & rejuvenated.”   

-Kristi S 


“Everyone there was so nice! I felt truly special, and what a comforting beautiful place to be in!”

-Emily J


” I thought I had to go grey because I couldn’t find a salon like Everlastings. But I’ve been educated and empowered by the staff and services they provide. So glad we found each other”

-Melissa W 


“I am so happy I found Everlastings! What a wonderful Salon. The receptionist, Amy, is so warm and welcoming and made me feel right at home. Arlene is terrific and knew just what to do with my hair. The cut and color are perfect! Also, the hair treatments are all organic and safe.

I’m so impressed with this place, and can’t wait to go back.”



“My hair was being fried every time my hairdresser spend..it. I quit using shampoo to no avail. I was researching henna thee internet and somehow found everlastings organic salon. My hairdresser called days before my appointment and said I needed to get the henna as she didn’t know what to get.

I was hysterical when I called everlastings and Amy immediately made me feel they could help me. I have big hair and only let nick arrojo in NYC cut my hair for What someone that was independently wealthy would spend. I have been to experts in my area and they have made me look like carrot top. I did not say who cut my Hair. Just mentioned NYC and she said they were watching a nick arrojo video. I knew immediately I would be safe with them.

I actually let the owner Arlene cut my hair. She cut it so quickly I was unsure. She colored my hair. Calming atmosphere. My hair is soft. The color is perfect!

Over the holidays my nieces twice asked if I curled my hair. Madelyn thinks she has the only curly hair in the family. Kids are honest. They were jealous. I hadn’t done anything with my hair in days.My hair has never looked so great!!!!! Also I come from near the Massachusetts border all the way to the shore to go to everlastings.”

-Ellen D 


“This salon is Heaven on earth! I finally have my true blond hair color back, not that brassy “blonde” color I been forced to put up with. I had the best time ever yesterday. I have never felt so welcomed. I felt like I was a regular right from the start thanks to the tremendous staff at Everlastings! If you want to feel special you need to get to Everlastings!”

-Kay R 


“Have you ever been touched by an angel??? Well I sure have!!!! I experienced such an amazing group of women this weekend while I pampered myself to a day of beauty which included hair color, cut and massage. The massage was absolutely the best I have ever had; Karla Erickson is a must see for everyone this year.

My hair color and cut by Arlene Bouley was so uplifting that I left the salon feeling like a new woman. If the experience wasn’t enough; when I went to dinner that evening all heads were turning and asked what did I do new with myself??? (The attention felt great!) Everlasting Salon and Spa is the best kept secret in Guilford. Thank you to everyone there who is so lovely, accommodating and uplifting I truly sacred space!!!! A++++++”

-Vanessa T 


“This is the most relaxing sweet smelling and friendly comfortable salon I have ever spent time in. If I had the $, I would go in EVERY single day! More like being in a beautiful garden, vs a chemical smelling salon. Loved my entire first experience there. Loved the result of my cut color and organic make up!! Even a fantastic unique store inside. Well done on this business and great people work there.”

-Clotilde S 


” I was thrilled to find a beauty salon with organic products and services. When entering the salon I was greeted by Amy with a welcoming smile. While waiting for Sandy I was watching the master stylist work on a client. I watched Arlene the owner (master stylist) swiftly and carefully cut a clients hair.

Sandy took her time with me for a consultation before doing my hair. My new haircut and color is Amazing. Thanks Sandy!”

-Candice L


“Having my hair organically colored is the best decision I have made. The salon is serene, relaxing and beautifully decorated. Arlene, Amy, Sandy and the rest of the staff are creative, professional, accommodating, warm and friendly. I certainly recommend Everlastings.”

-Robin W 


“Arlene is an amazing hair stylist, I always leave her salon looking sharp. The transformation of my hair from shabby & dull to super stylish & bright never gets old! She is masterful at shaping my hair with her scissors & her highlights stand out, while still looking natural. I have been going to Arlene since a few months after she first opened her salon & I feel that she treats me like an endearing friend who actual cares about me & that is a wonderful feeling.

When I walk into her salon I am immediately welcomed by a pleasant botanical aroma, a warm greeting from effervescent Amy, & a huge smile & hug from Arlene. While I sip the ceremonial herbal tea that Amy so graciously serves, I relax & enjoy catching up with Arlene as she artfully transforms my appearance. It feels like an inclusive family while I am there, I truly love the whole experience.”

-Monica B. 


“I feel so blessed to have found Everlastings Salon. My hairstylist, Sandy, welcomes me warmly each time. She meets my needs perfectly when it comes to shampooing with natural soap, picking a great style for my haircut, and blow drying my hair to a T! It’s great to work with someone who promotes health and wellness in a chem-free zone.

Amy at the front desk is upbeat and professional. I can’t say enough good things about this little oasis. Come discover it for yourself!”

-Karen S. 


“I want to tell you how much I love Everlastings Organics. I read your website, and I knew I had to come visit. From the moment I arrived at Everlastings Organics, I was awed by the beauty and peacefulness outside, to walking into the beautiful and breathtaking beauty inside. Everyone was exceptionally warm and friendly and especially, Arlene. I feel like I belong there and it’s a healing environment and I always look forward to coming there. Thank you for making me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.”

Tina C. 


“My experience at everlastings was stellar! I am new to town, and have been looking for a new salon. Arlene, Amy and Sandra welcomed me like an old friend. Sandra did an amazing job cutting and coloring my hair. The whole experience was wonderful. This is definitely my new salon!”

-Sage P. 


“I absolutely loved my experience at Everlastings. Arlene and her staff are welcoming and professional. I went for a color and cut on my first visit and to my great surprise I didn’t even need a cut on my second visit. Arlene knew just the right style and color for my hair and the products she used are soothing and safe on my sensitive skin. THANK YOU Arlene!

-Jan O.


“During my second trimester of pregnancy I learned that my child was in the breech position and my placenta was low lying (medically known as: placenta previa). After going to Sandy to have my hair died with the organic hair dye (safe during pregnancy), I saw that she practiced Reiki therapy.

I immediately made an appointment with her and after one treatment (where I felt complete relaxation of my body) and the growing child flutter and move joyfully inside my belly, that on my follow up ultrasound visit I was happy to learn that my placenta previa RESOLVED and the baby was no longer breech. Needless to say, the total body meditation and relaxation that I felt during the Reiki sessions was amazing and I continued receiving treatments throughout my pregnancy. Sandy is a true healer.” Thank you Sandy.



“I received a gift certificate from my grand babies for Christmas to try Arlene at Everlastings as my daughter, Tara went there and I loved her hair. I finally got the chance to use it today. Well, I can not even begin to tell you what a wonderful experience I had. Everyone there was so friendly.

Arlene showed me around her beautiful salon. I felt right at home. I told Arlene I was ready for a change and after seeing my daughter’s hair, I knew I could trust her. She did not just give me a haircut. Arlene is an artist. She used her talent to style my hair to best become my face. I don’t know how I could ever get my hair done anywhere else. I felt so wonderful when I left Everlastings…totally refreshed! Thank you Arlene and your wonderful staff.”

-Karen A.


“After using an organic hair salon in NYC for sixteen years, I finally found Everlastings in Guilford, Ct. I wanted a clean-air hair salon that used organic, chemical-free hair color and hair products. The salon is beautiful and instantly calming.

Arlene did a marvelous hassle-free cut on my curly hair and, in addition, did a wonderful coloring. I am so happy I found this salon and I look forward to my next visit.”

-Laura H.


“Dear Arlene and Staff,
After searching what appeared to be endless for a master hairstylist and color correction stylist, I found your magnificent organic salon. The pure environment is incredible. You, Sandy and Amy made me feel right at home. As you know I am extremely allergic to hair dye and so I wanted to try henna. You and Sandy are answers to my prayers. Not only was the color fabulous I had no negative reaction. You are amazing and have a new friend for life.”
-Shelley W.


“I have been going to Everlastings for about 6 months now and I am very pleased! It feels more like a spa than a salon, and Arlene and Amy are both so kind and wonderful, always making me feel right at home. Plus the use of organic hair color gives me great piece of mind. The all-around experience at Everlastings is fabulous–I highly recommend it!!!”

-Nikki K.


“I love both the color and cut Arlene did for me-Color is exactly what I wanted and the hair cut makes my hair so much more manageable and even looks great she. I don’t try to do it (great for me while multitasking with a 3 year old and another one on the way)-thank you!!!!!”

-Kara P.


“I have been a client of Arlene’s Everlastings Salon for 7 years. The moment I walked into the salon, I knew the experience would be amazing- I had finally found a truly organic salon. For the past 7 years I have been greeted with warm welcomes and a cups of herbal tea. The environment is calm and relaxing with an eclectic selection of rejuvenating music playing, exquisite decor, and scents of essential oils. The organic color has no harsh chemical smells and is just beautiful! If you’re looking for fabulous facials, amazing color and cuts, and an experience you’ll want to return to over and over again. Everlastings holistic salon heals the soul, renews the the mind and you leave looking beautiful.”

-Karen C.


“So glad I found a truly natural salon. Not just a salon its an oasis of calm. Unlike anyplace I’ve ever been too. Beautiful and relaxing atmosphere with friendly women who are experts at what they do. The minute we walked in we knew we were in a special place and didn’t want to leave. Arlene greeted myself and my daughter as if we were family. Arlene, Amy, Sandy, and Samantha are warm, friendly and genuinely caring. I felt like a celebrity that’s how special everyone makes you feel. No pretentiousness at all. 

Sandy worked magic on my hair. I’ve never colored it as I won’t use chemicals of any kind. But starting to see more grays decided to it was time but only if it could be done naturally. I have long, thick, wavy hair and have had the same hair style since I can remember. My routine is wash it and put it in a pony tail. Sandy assured me that henna would be perfect to cover the grays and also encouraged me to take a chance and go shorter. ” Embrace my curls” she said. And she was so right. My color looks amazing and completely natural. And my haircut is stunning and still super easy to maintain. My teenage daughter keeps telling me I look amazing. Even better I feel amazing.

Besides haircut and color this oasis also offers massages, facials, nailcare, and makeup using quality all natural and organic products. Can’t wait to go back.”

-Mary R.


“I have been a client of Arlene’s Everlastings Salon for 7 years. The moment I walked into the salon, I knew the experience would be amazing- I had finally found a truly organic salon. For the past 7 years I have been greeted with warm welcomes and a cups of herbal tea.

The environment is calm and relaxing with an eclectic selection of rejuvenating music playing, exquisite decor, and scents of essential oils. The organic color has no harsh chemical smells and is just beautiful! If you’re looking for fabulous facials, amazing color and cuts, and an experience you’ll want to return to over and over again. Everlastings holistic salon heals the soul, renews the the mind and you leave looking beautiful.”

-Karen C.


“I decided about three years ago to take a more holistic view of my health and wellness. Ever Lastings was recommended for hair color and cut and I’ve never looked back! Arlene is a fabulous stylist and Amy who works the front desk operations is sweet,kind and professional.
Every time I go to the salon, I feel like I’ve been on vacation! The salon is beautiful, clean, a great place, I highly recommend!”

-Jill R.


“Everlastings has outstanding service, people, and products. Arlene has done an amazing job with picking products that are natural, organic, and great for your hair in the long run. Amy is a ray of sunshine and makes you feel at home and comfortable with your experience here. The knowledge that the women that work here have about hair makes us never walk away disappointed. The combination of the organic products, people, and overall end result keeps us coming back, we would never go anywhere else!”

-Katie and Terrie D. (four year return customers)


“What it means to have an experience like no other..

For me, hair has always been a means of self expression. When my hair is on point, I walk a little taller, smile and little bigger and laugh a little louder. A true artist grasps the concept that hair can provide the confidence that the individual needs to transform their work performance, social interactions and most importantly (in my opinion) one’s self esteem.

I have been a stylist for 10 years and recently followed a new career path. I have now become “the client”. I now understand the struggle it is to find a stylist who looks at your hair texture and your face shape, while taking the time to learn about your personality and lifestyle in order to create a custom look that is your own.

Everlastings saved my confidence yesterday, after a terrifying experience at another salon, in town.

I thought I had sought out an established and inexpensive salon for a small trim (in order to continue to grow out my hair. It has taken me a year to grow my hair to my shoulders and I was so excited have it continue to grow.) Half way through the blow dry, I realized that my hair was completely asymmetrical; one side was just beneath my chin. Another stylist considerately spent 40 minutes attempting to correct it. When that stylist had nothing left to give, although very appreciative, I knew I had to visit Everlastings in order to receive the nurturing that my hair needed (and hopefully save the remaining hair on my head).

Arlene had a full book but she could see this was a hair “emergency”. She created time in her schedule to provide me with a style, of my own. Her vision had me loving my new haircut (which is now at my chin). Today, I am walking a lot taller, smiling a lot bigger and laughing a lot louder. Short hair, don’t care!!

I am not only thankful that Everlastings was able to provide me with the artistry that every client deserves, but for the compassion for my struggle and the healing of my self esteem that comforted me like a warm blanket.

Everlastings, truly, an experience like no other.”

-Ashley M


“Sandy Trotta is the most wonderful colorist and it took me years, and a multitude of botched dye jobs, to find her. She is a 5 star colorist, and a 5 star stylist.

Both my mother and my mothers sister were beauticians, and they both passed away before I achieved my first grey hair.

I grew up in a Hair Salon, but never met a stylist who so adeptly and easily could achieve the color red that was so natural for me. Thank you Sandy!

-Catherine B


“I visited salon and from the moment I walked in I knew I had made the right decision. The ambiance is spa like and every minute there was relaxing, love it! I had Mary do my balayage, all I can say is OMG!!! Her knowledge and techniques were amazing, not to` mention, it was the FIRST time ever my hair was not orange,brassy after highlights! Their products are worth every penny, you won’t regret it!!!”

-Jo ann 


“I discovered Everlastings thru Groupon. I had my appointment yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how incredible the service was. The owner was a doll, Mary my stylist did a fantastic job with color and cut. It was a pleasure to be treated like a princess for the day. They even did a complimentary make up application. Ill be going back. They offer massage, manicure, facials everything a girl or guy needs to feel great.
I strongly recommend. THANK YOU EVERLASTINGS TEAM!!!!!.”

-Lisa D 

“I’ve been coming to Everlastings Salon since 2009 when I was pregnant with my second child. Nothing is like their organic products and the personalized service you receive here. They treat you like family and attend to your every need from hot tea to snacks while you’re waiting for your hair to be colored, they make you feel comfortable and welcome.

The ambiance is tranquil and calm which we all need. Their services are also exceptional. The hair color I get lasts a long time and the cuts are so unique and stylish. I couldn’t recommend this place more!”

-Therese D

“My first visit to Everlastings, I’m happy to say, was an extremely positive experience. From the moment I walked in the door, greeted by Jen, I really felt like I made the right decision! Especially after talking to owner Arlene Bouley about the “organic” approach to hair care. I switched to organic skin care a few years ago, so why not make the change with my hair as well? Honestly, I didn’t realize there was a salon like Everlastings specializing in organic.
I started using their organic shampoo and conditioner about one month ago and love the silky feel of my hair. I also started using the Sunflower & Citrus hair spray, which is non-aerosol, and Arlene’s special texturizing hair crème  called “Bouley Souffle which is amazing! It controls my hair and eliminates” frizzies”… only wish I discovered it during the summer!
Last but not least, I feel really good about using a hair color that is void of any chemical products that are harmful to my hair and scalp. I only wish I started this healthy life style for my hair years ago! Thank goodness I found Everlastings!!”

-Arlene C