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Hair plays an important role in how you look and feel – and how people react to you. When hair loss occurs with chemotherapy, radiation, Alopecia, Cancer, trauma or other medical conditions, it can be overwhelming. Everlastings Salon specializes in catering to the unique needs of our clients by providing options and solutions especially designed for women and men experiencing hair loss.

We have recently opened a new extension of our salon, which now boasts a private, light and airy wig fitting and consultation room (so you can bring along a friend or family member for support). It would be our privilege to guide you through the process of selecting, fitting and styling a wig that will make you feel good about you! Our knowledgeable stimageaff provides exceptional customer service comprising of free, no obligation, private consultations as well as wig fitting, styling and cutting as needed. Transitional hair services including treatments, styling and 100% organic hair color to assist with re-growth is what makes distinctive from just going to a wig store or ordering one online. Our aim is to make the process of buying a wig an enjoyable and educational experience.

Consultatimageions for wig fittings are offered on an ‘appointment only’ basis in order to ensure that all clients receive total privacy. Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.



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